EAT: Breakfast at THE NED

What is there left to say that hasn’t already been said about THE NED? It’s everything you imagined a corporate members club slash luxury hotel in the middle of the financial district you expect it to be. Except it’s not. I mean, one cannot help but gush over the colossal green marble and opulent furnishings that remind me of my time in Moscow without wondering whether the staff will be stuffy and rude. But they’re not. They’re kind and informative and seemly very proud to work there. You want to photograph everything in sight- well maybe you don’t, but I did. It’s open to everyone and everyone is invited. Yes there is a members only club on the roof, but with all the restaurants assulting you from every corner you won’t feel as though you’re missing out.

I decided to start easy with Millie’s Lounge and have brunch. I went with the classic eggs benedict and granola with a side of black pudding. I highly recommend breakfast/brunch there when you can. Millie’s lounge is easy to find and the hotel provides a welcome respite from working from the same old cafes. You an walk in wearing whatever you want. Already planning my next brunch trip there.


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