skincare: this will save your skin

skincare: this will save your skin

It’s been a while since my last post about skincare, so I thought I it was high time I did a revised and updated one in the hopes that there is a young female out there with the exact same skin care concerns as me to maybe use this as a guide. I guess I am trying to reach out to my younger self in some way.

First things first. DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! I know you hear many people say this but it’s so true. Your finger tips carry the most germs of any part of your body. Your hands touch your hair, and other parts of your body, your home, your place of work or school, your car or public transport. Think laptops, smart phones, door handles, light switches, windows…I could go on because i am a bit of a germaphobe. Can you imagine how many germs you get from handling objects in these places? Gross.

At the beginning of my first day of term of drama training, I made a conscious decision to look after my skin. I was not going to wear make-up for the whole duration of my masters course, unless it was for performances, and I was not going to touch my face and by touch I mean PICK, pull and scratch. I was going to drink water, which I did anyway, but I was going to drink even MORE water and I was going to invest in a decent facial cleanser. I was going to deal with my face and look at it with all it’s scars and imperfections and whenever moisturising, I was going to focus my energy on getting rid of them. Now a year has passed and my skin is finally almost clear. Sure there are things I would still do, like micro needling and micro dermabrasion just to get it super smooth, oh and of course laser, but I am pleased with what I have managed to accomplish on my own, and with what resources I have.

I know my skin can be better with diet, and my diet was less than desirable at school, despite eating salads as much as possible, I ate the worst food I’d ever had in a long time. I was used to clean eating and making healthy smoothies but the demands of the course meant I just ate whatever I could JUST TO LIVE. A healthy diet works wonders on the skin. It won’t just be all skincare.

So with that being said and without further ado, let me introduce you to the products that I have been using this last year. I’d been using ALPHA H for no longer than six months at this point, and I could already feel the difference it made to my skin. With high spec skincare the differences can be felt in the first couple of uses. I’ve also used the Ceramic Slip Cleanser by Sunday Riley, but it often made me break out in the freakiest way with one huge massive pimple. that i found hard to get rid out with it causing scarring. I figured it was due to the deep cleansing and shrinking of the pores - don’t get me wrong, it’s great but, I needed to tackle the sebum problem first. I have suffered from hyper-pigmentation and random hormonal spots for as long as I can remember. I have hyper-sensitive, combination blemished skin. Skin with large pores and lots of trapped sebum, which causes that bumpy skin look. I always used to wonder how the hell would I be able to get it under control? It took the reading of some articles, products and following incredible beauty bloggers such as Amina Ajayi, to get my skin on track. Amina, a force to be reckoned with, is a cosmetic scientist and who I highly recommend you should follow on instagram.

There is something to be said about having good skin. “Put your best face forward” was a term I heard growing up. I was always adverse to make up and I was never down for that bizarre contouring craze. I do like some make up, but then my worry was then; how would I remove the make up thoroughly and clean my skin without going through a kind of 9 step Korean beauty process??

Not all of us spend an hour each night in front of the mirror.

Also we really should more time learning about what goes into our skincare products and spend less money giving it to big pharma. You’ll be surprised and alarmed who exactly owns your moisturiser, people like P&G not only do toilet disinfectant. They are a massive conglomerate who have a hand in everything that is considered a household item. Which means they compromise in quality when it comes to products that we put on our skin. Even if their long arms reached some of the products I use, it’s still very important to make sure your skincare products are safe, and have the active ingredients in higher quantities for your skin. Scroll down and take a look as I name brands and specific products that I use. These products are not hard to find thanks to CULT BEAUTY, a website that I am completely obsessed with and SPACE NK who have just opened yet another branch in Kings Cross.

  1. ALPHA H clear skin face and body wash it’s the number one thing I would choose if I had to choose one thing only as my skin saviour because good skin begins with cleaning it thoroughly first. This contains tea-tree, so thanks to this product I went out and bought some pure organic tea-tree oil. I add a few drops in virtually anything that needs cleaning, me, the bath, the floor it’s a pure anti-bacterial product and dirt cheap and gives everything a boost. I love that medicinal smell as well. it reminds me that things are clean in this dirty godforsaken grimy city of London. AND importantly, if you can’t quite shell out £35 for the cleaner (which lasts more than 4 months if you use it on just your face) then this oil will work with any decent cleanser.

  2. LIXIR SKINCARE - just started using these serums, when I mean just started, I mean I’ve been using them for about 2 months but I think it usually takes about 3 months or more before I look for results, but already I can see that these products are super effective for me. From the people who brought us REN. Again, highly recommend. Vitamin C Paste, Universal Emulsion, Night Switch PHA/AHA 10% serum & BHA/AHA 10% I use both serums, fantastic for congested skin. I use everything here that I mentioned and you can click through to their website or buy at LIBERTY.

  3. NUORI SKINCARE - every single thing from their line. I am a long-time user of: the supreme-c serum treatment, supreme moisture mask, perfecting body oil, vital body balm. You name it. It’s hard to find a vitamin-c serum with pure vitamin C, and this has some of the highest concentrations on the market and AGAIN fades those black marks and the product arrives super FRESH, no more wondering how long it’s been on the shelf for.

  4. The Ordinary Skincare Co. premium affordable skincare: AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution - in fact I have so many check them out here I use them every single day without fail, adding one or the other to my moisturiser or alone at night.

  5. Dermatologic Cosmetic Labs (DCL) Clear skin anti-blemish hydrator so far so good, I use it every couple of days because my skin doesn’t need that much hydration.

  6. ALPHA H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid forever sellout, UNBEATABLE product for older skin. Where do I begin?? I am pretty sure this is the shiz for melting away the dead skin and promoting new skin growth. I’ve been using this product but found it so effective that I am purposefully slowing down on it so that I do not run out.

  7. I want to scream from the rooftops about this one, it’s the FOREO Luna Mini 2 and it’s what I use to apply the cleansers to wash my face. Somehow my face has transformed. I’m in my 30s and my face looks rather puffy, but somehow, this has removed all that puffiness in my face, my cheekbones pop through so much more, I think it definitely adds to facial definition through the vibrations. I make sure I spend a couple of minutes massaging this all over my face in the morning and evening.

  8. ALPHA H Daily essential moisturiser with SPF 50+ I don’t care who you are, you must wear sun protection and one that is paraben free with UVA/UVB protection and doesn’t leave a white mark.

  9. Not pictured, but just as good, as a cleanser is the Ceramic Slip Cleanser by Sunday Riley

  10. Good Genes by Sunday Riley contains things that actively help hyper-pigmentation such as liquorice and lactic acid which fades scars. Even if you try somethiing else, make sure you look for those two ingredients.

  11. Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, there’s another word for you GLYCOLIC. It’s one of the more popular acids used in premium skincare and helps to remove dead skin and encourage the new skin and I previously mentioned it in the ALPHA H liquid gold. I use this twice a week- with my FOREO of course.

So there you have it! What i am currently using in my routine at the moment. I am such an advocate of good skin because I didn’t have it for so long. I think for every woman young and old good healthy clean hair, skin and teeth and face are the most important things alongside exercise and bodily health. It’s no use spending money on hair extensions and weaves going all the way down to your back, wigs and tonnes of make up from premium make up brands if you don’t take care of what’s underneath it. It defeats the purpose and once you invest in the things that matter, you begin to feel better about yourself that you’ll want the actual YOU to shine through. If I could go around speaking to young girls everywhere and say to them, a red lip might go a long way but so does good skin! Look out for harsh chemicals, try vegan products and things like pure oils and butters. Shea butter is great for the body. I mix it sometimes with my Nuori Vital Body Balm. So what have I learned from all this? That anything is possible and that I need a jade-roller lol. I also would like to try Biologique Recherche and Barbara Sturm Skincare ….I mean, once you start, you just can’t stop but at least it helps me to understand what my skin needs!


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