kettner's townhouse

Another one of Soho House's love-children, Kettner's Townhouse is nestled in the middle of Soho among all it's other relatives such as Soho Grind and Dean Street Townhouse. Despite it's rather lavish English tea-rooms setting, Kettner's is all about that relaxed and warm atmosphere. We decided to go there for lunch seeing that we missed the opportunity to eat truffled scrambled eggs since breakfast is served daily until 12pm only. I just got back from Moscow about a week ago today and I having been ot of the country spoiled by good food at reasonable prices for a couple of months, I decided I wanted to keep the ball rolling and live the fantasy of eating out every night for a little longer. If you want to know how my Moscow experience was, well get ready for a mega blog post on that later. I will be able to tell you where to go to drink and eat and hang like a true Muscovite. 


We decided to eat from the set menu, which consisted of chilled pea soup with mint and lovage, I could taste some celery in there too, I am not a fan of celery but it makes quite a good addition to the taste and a duck l'orange salad for starters. Along with the bites and the bread, we were already struggling - which is a surprise to me because I imagine that my stomach has expanded since i feel like I've gained so much weight in Russia. We then had our much anticipated bavette steak for mains. I have to admit-even with the side of black truffle to accompany it, I did not enjoy the meat and it had me wondering whether their fillet of beef on the main menu was any better. I mean i did eat the most incredible fillet of beef in Moscow. Sigh. We also decided to try their cocktails and their bites so we went for the squid ink crackers and gruyere gougeres which were like cheesy profiteroles and all washed down with the romilly 29 cocktail. All in all, it's fine if you have done a bit of shopping in town and you'd like to chill with a champagne cocktail and some nibbles but great if you're on a night out with mates. If you're staying in the main hotel then why not schlep downstairs for a nightcap so that you don't have to have to worry about getting a taxi home.


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