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Amsterdam has to be easily one of my fav cities I've been to. However you can get a lot of different guides, views and tips from other blogs from many people have visited the dam and have a lot of places covered. If you're from London and have never been, well what on earth are you waiting for? It's just a 45 minute flight from city airport. If you're from East London like I am then this is majorly convenient and you can just jump on the DLR to get you there.

The city is cosmopolitan and in many ways reminds me of London by the canals, except the canals are everywhere. One of the most beneficial things you can do is get in a boat and explore the city via the canals. It's very useful and there are many great deals with different styles to suit different tastes. You can even take one with drinks thrown in or buzzy house music. I'm old, and old fashioned so I would stick with a regular calm one giving me the details of the sights... Maybe next time eh?


I visited the Rjiksmuseum museum because my hotel was literally down the road. I stayed at the Sir Albert Hotel of which I have blogged about in my previous post here which is within walking distance from the museum. It's huge, mst major city museums are so maybe make that a major part of your day. There are small orchestras arranged outside along the grounds of the museum which is a pleasant surprise and can make wandering the grounds quite memorable.

The Ann Frank Museum - which needs no explanation and is an absolute necessity when visiting the city for the first time.

Van Gogh Museum again, another essential place to visit

Hortus - one of my fav discoveries of the trip, is a botanical haven full of all the yucca, fig and monstera plants you can dream of. It's also a notoriously famous spot for instagrammers because it has what I call the cactus room where the walls are millennial pink. Ever heard of #plantsonpink? You're welcome. 

Take a scenic trip in a boat along the canals or make like a local and hire a bike. The country might be drowning in them...just my thoughts. Ahem! 


Oriental City - This massive multi-story restaurant is authentic dim sum heaven I couldn't even finish the ones I ordered it was THAT good (as posted below). You are given a massive menu of all the dim sum that's available and then a slip of paper which is the condensed version. You make a list of hat you want by ticking each dish on the slip of paper and that's what it given to the waiter.

The Lobby Nesplein - when locals recommend a place for you to go, you go and it would be impolite to go without them! I finally met Kim and Sara through instagram as our affection for Céline brought us together and on one of my last nights we met up here. This by far was one of my fav dining experiences, part of the Hotel V Nesplein, my fav dish has to be the slices which are a traditional thin crust pizza dish called FLAMMKUCHEN, don't question it, just order it.Trust me when I say this:  you'll want to order a few of these alongside your starters and mains.

Scandinavian Embassy, most likely your morning coffee run will begin and end here. Fantastic filtered coffee and flat whites accompanied with Kanelbullar (Swedish Cinnamon Buns) or you can have brekkie there as well (Also pictured).

FRNZY - UPDATE: Found out they closed their De Pijp branch, but be sure to check out the other restaurants in the same neighbourhood though. It's a crying shame they're closed but they are looking for a new location, so by the time we go back they may reopen.


And that's it. Let me know how you get on!

HORTUS - Amsterdam

HORTUS - Amsterdam


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