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Vitamin C serums are the new holy grail of skincare. Get yours  here

Vitamin C serums are the new holy grail of skincare. Get yours here

Where does one begin when keeping up with a good skincare regimen? I used to lack the confidence to speak on topics like this. I always thought that the person needed to be some Swiss/Italian hybrid babe looking like Gigi Hadid or Kristina Bazan or at least a beauty YouTuber. But looking after your skin is a very practical business after all, and one that a lot of people actually care about. The more I started to read about what the skin is comprised of, what causes skin imperfections such as spots and other ailments, the more I researched into what natural products can work to reduce or get rid of these imperfections. It has nothing to do with the shape of your eyes or the structure of your cheekbones because those things are genetic. What you can work on is your skin epidermis. Clear skin means you look more radiant and appear healthy and had nothing to do with models and bloggers or indeed looking like them. 

I have the skin concerns of a 33 year old: Loosing elasticity in the skin, natural darkening with age and from harmful UV rays from when I used to run miles outside without a hat, hyper-pigmentation which effects mainly olive to dark brown and black skin-tones and pimples. My eyes feel really dry and it can be difficult to open them in the mornings. My pores seem visibly larger and I have combination/oily sensitive skin. Despite all this, I am fortunate that I do not have any of the more obvious early onset signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines - and despite being mistaken for mid-twenties, I believe that all complexions can age rapidly without proper skincare.

Why Vitamin C Serums? - Since the beginning of last year, I began experimenting with vitamin C serums. I heard that vitamin C serums were revolutionary in terms of what it could deliver, brightening the skin's appearance and preventing further pigmentation, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and evening out the skin-tone. I first discovered the effectiveness of serums through Korean personalities, celebrities and YouTube influencers. (Don't judge!) It was then through K-Beauty social media channels I decided to try the Korean based brand Klairs Vitamin C serum. It was priced reasonably, but the cost of shipping took the overall price to over £50, which seems a a bit pricey, but if they were sold here the price would have averaged out to be about the same. Undeterred, I made sure I used the product night and day. Especially at night when it has the chance to work intensively. I made sure I used it right down to the very last drop. So what's the verdict? I can honestly say that vitamin C serum is something you should definitely keep in your skincare arsenal.

The Supreme-C Serum Discovery - At the end of last year, around November- December time, I stumbled upon the Danish minimal and undeniably chic skincare line: NUORI Skincare. So when I discovered that they made a vitamin C serum, I could not resist giving it a go.  My initial experience with the brand was such a positive one; I've had to double up on the body lotion, and the supreme moisture mask worked wonders in hydrating and softening my combination skin without so much as a breakout. This time I decided to try the body oil and then the vitamin C serum which I've now been using for 2 weeks so far. I will admit, I am a general practitioner of good skincare - not the most thorough mind- but I think you have to be if you want your skin to look after you in the future. I also have a discerning eye when it comes to aesthetics and packaging but more so specifically for what's actually inside. Compared to Klairs' 5% pure vitamin C complex, the Supreme-C SERUM has a WHOPPING 7.5%. Which can only be a good thing. I know I demand a lot from Scandinavian and Korean skincare brands but this product exceeded my expectations and then some. I often pause in the mirror to ask if that's really me and whether the product just simply has a built in time machine because my skin looks so young and vibrant.Dewy comes to mind. (What the Koreans strive for) I have observed that Scandinavian women in particular, opt for 'cleaner' products devoid of any artificial preservatives, even if the product contains active chemicals. Skin care brands who target them know that their consumers, often affluent, simply will not buy these products if they're not good enough.  There is nothing appealing about bulking agents, fragrances etc and Nuori is having absolutely none of that. They use the freshest active ingredients and present them with a sell by date which reminds you to make sure you make use of every last drop before the sell-by date and more importantly reminds you that all decent skincare does indeed have a sell by date and does affect the potency and efficiency of the product. 

What you get - The serum is presented in not one, but two usual bottles with a tab on the top. These are in fact buttons you need to push down to release the active vitamin C and other ingredients. Give them a shake, replace the cap with the dropper that's included and you're good to go. Nuori recommend 10 days continuous use day and night for each bottle. I tend to mix mine with my ALPHA- H daily essential moisturiser SPF50 during the day time and on it's own or with my MadeCera by SkinRx Cream at night. I use a couple of drops and tap them into my skin, rather than rubbing it in. 

What I see - For me, I can already see visible results but to be honest that's expected from such a high spec, high grade product. It does not overwhelm my skin as most products do, nor have I broken out.  I believe it has a lot to do with Nuori's philosophy firmly expressed in the bottle. #fightforfresh. For me, nothing is better than a knowing that my skincare is fresh as opposed to being in the dark about how long it's been sitting on the shop floor of some ubiquitous department store. 


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