Brunch: The Good Egg

@fixated_f and I wanted to celebrate our mini reunion by going out for brunch last Sunday. Brunch is my favourite type of food quest next to dinner and tea. In case you're wondering- my least fav is lunch. I'd been to The Good Egg in Stoke Newington before and absolutely loved it so this particular Sunday was a perfect reason to go. I called ahead to find out if they take reservations over the weekend and to my relief they didn't because I was still half asleep when I was trying to figure out where we should go. We gave our names and sat down on one of the benches that had been thoughtfully placed outside. After a 30 minute wait, we were escorted to our seats where we promptly ordered iced coffee. Whilst slurping our ice cold pick-me-ups, I spotted the main reason I'd wanted to come back: the BABKA. Make sure you ask them to hack off a slice for you and set it aside because they go fast. This Eastern European/Jewish chocolate yeast cake is life and if you haven't tried it, get. Into. It. Fai and I must of asked for at least 4 slices between us, just perfect the next day with a cup of homemade coffee. 

I highly recommend the 'Jerusalem' breakfast which I believe is available  weekends only. The way to get the most out of your brunching session is to order several small dishes; we ordered 3 of each. The image above shows our feast, but minus the kosher bacon and the pitta, but it was every bit as heavenly as it looked. I don't think we were actually talking to each other. M favourite thing had to be the sweet butter that accompanied the sourdough. Betcha never had anything like it; it was creamy and sweet like buttercream icing. If you want your Sunday to start with a bang, then The Good Egg is a god 'un.

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