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Cult Gaia shop here

My Instagram feed is ablaze with nothing but exotic beach locations and basket bags of every variation. If you're after a much chicer bag for the summer, one that can transition to London's more concrete scenes, then I highly recommend picking up this reasonably priced delight from Cult Gaia. There are two main versions of the one pictured, one is made from acrylic and the other from bamboo. They are available in two sizes and have the final word in chic and won't the bank.

When I met up with my Friend Paula one weekend, little did I know she would rock up with one. I think I must of overwhelmed her with my enthusiasm for the bag as she didn't figure it was that big of a deal. It is. At least in the world of fashion

We decided to hit up Broadway Market in Hackney for the street food/entertainment. I took Paula to my favourite stand called the Dumpling Shack. The queues are long and the wait is even longer but it's absolutely worth it. If you love dim sum or any type of dumpling then trust me when I say this is your jam. We both washed it down with Vietnamese coffees and homemade apple juice. The day was absolutely sweltering but we weren't complaining.

After making our way down the market greedily sampling the other street street food on offer, we then went to Market Cafe for drinks and ice-cream (well I had the ice-cream, it was salted caramel and delicious in-case you were wondering) As we sat down, the late afternoon light stretched across our table. It was the perfect opportunity to take a photo so I asked Paula if she would be willing.

It was one of those days that you wish you could stretch into another, those days where your glasses are never empty, your belly is full and your friends really invigorate you.

All photography by me

All photography by me

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