Exploration: Navigli

I couldn't wait to explore Navigli which is known for it's famous antique district and glorious canal scenes so I decided to get the metro which was quick and easy, only about 15 mins from Milan Centrale station. The antique market is some 10 minutes walk but very easy as many tourists are heading in the same direction so it's rather easy to navigate, plus I'm terrible at giving out directions, never mind writing them. You can't miss it, it's beyond picturesque and teeming with life. The first things which grab you is the amount of legit  antique furniture and high quality vintage luxury fashion on display as far as the eye can see. Also, you can try your hand at procuring art, crafts and jewellery or do as I did and just take photos of everything, buy gelato, sit and people watch. The weather was glorious considering the day I arrived it was rather gloomy and made everything look grey, Navigli was bursting with colour. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear- you may find yourself trawling the markets for some treasures...


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