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Flat White at the Shoreditch Grind photo by me

Flat White at the Shoreditch Grind photo by me

Fancy a list of the best coffees around Hackney,  East London and beyond? Not that far beyond- I ain't gonna include West London if that's what you're thinking *sniffs* I promise this list will set you up for good. It's taken a bloody long time though. I've suffered through the bad brews over the years so you don't have to! Flat whites, cortados, iced coffees, milk alternatives, coffee alternatives such as teas, matchas, and chais. Even juices, brunches,  pastries and other additional things. -the lot. What motivates you to search for the perfect coffee? Often times, I just want to perch on a wooden bench outside in the sun with a Swedish bun and a flat white and watch the world go by. A great way to spend a Sunday morning and if I've said that before well then that's because I'm a creature of habit. If you live around East (or North East London) you can thank me with a free almond milk latte. So feast your eyes on what I deem to be London's best Brews this side of the river...

1. The Grind Sandwiched between Islington and Shoreditch at the end of Old Street. Part of the neo-conglomerate that is the SOHO HOUSE (fancy pants) GROUP, one of many Grinds, you may have stumbled into one on Soho in central. There is also a chicer, cooler GRIND in Clerkenwell for those of you who like to be surrounded by the media types.

2. Coffee Works Project - Great coffee, cool music along the Angel passage in Islington grab your coffee and then walk along the Regents Canal.

3. The Albion- Consistently good flat whites and almond lattes. Pastries to DIE FOR. My fav has to be the pistachio twists as big as your head. They also serve dinner after 6, and all their supplies come from top farms in Suffolk. So you know you are ingesting the good stuff.

4. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs Hearkening to a time when coffee houses where just coffee houses, this place encourages you to talk to the person opposite you. So no wifi allowed. Probably in the top three of this list. It makes a refreshing changes, but I hope they never do.

5. ALLPress Espresso Perfectly nestled on Redchurch Street, ALLPress are doing the most with the best flat white's cortados and espressos you've ever had. You can also visit their main branch in Dalston too.

6. Pavilion Bakery and Cafe I talk about these guys all the time. I should have free coffee for life! What can I say? Everything is amazing and they know it too. Always busy, their bread on Broadway Market Road always sells out over the weekend and their flat whites are the best after a stroll through Columbia Flower Market. I love the way they melt the sugar first in your iced-coffee so it doesn't just sink to the bottom and offer an ever so light agave option for you to add at their cafe. I know coffee is best drunk without the drug, but I am a sugar-hound.

7. Climpson & Sons Located at top of Broadway Market you can't miss it, unless your blind. It's a great social spot, almost forces you to talk to other coffee drinkers and locals- or better yet, take your Bumble date there.

8. E5 Bakehouse I used to workout with a friend under the arches at London Fields and we always used to stop by the E5 Bakehouse for their iced coffees and granola. Fantastic traditionally made coffee with an exceptional bakery- like the Pavilion, always in demand and always sells out at the end of the day and always painstakingly full of hipsters and creatives.

9. C.R.E.A.M Shoreditch Coffee, smoked salmon and eggs. Space to plan your world domination or visit the space next door which often exhibits art, or simply stare blankly into space.

10. Hackney Coffee Co. Tiny nook just off Bethnal Green road, sells the more bitter/sour variety of coffee but still good. Thoughtfully furnished with what I can only describe as a shabby chic drawing room complete with leather arm chairs and a vintage gramophone a sanctuary for the thinker and the brooder trapped in the 1930s.

11. Fernandez & Wells I cheated and included these guys because they never fail to make a decent coffee and their lemon drizzle cake's not bad either.. I've also had fresh teas, and sandwiches there too. All delicious. Their best location is inside the grounds of Somerset House and only 15 mins away from Mile end on the central line. A cheap, yet rather grand day out. Result!

 12. Prufrock Coffee The service on Leather Lane road leaves much to be desired but the coffee soon makes up for it. Coffee making to them is an art, they can make AeroPress coffee and sell the AeroPress machines too. Need I say more?  Top three in my humble opinion - but I won't say anymore. 

Where do you regularly go to?

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