excelsior hotel gallia
The front of the grand hotel in all it's spendour

The front of the grand hotel in all it's spendour

I'll never forget when I was reminded of the word 'Excelsior'. I was watching the movie Silver Linings Playbook on a DVD screener, the ones you get if you're crazy enough to work in the film industry like I was, and it was the moment when Bradley Cooper's character steels himself and says it like as declaration when his father interrogates him about leaving a mental health facility so early. I've always known the meaning, but like many, you so rarely ever get to use it in a sentence since nowadays it's linked to academic excellence or the standard in superior hotels like this one. I was lucky enough to spend a few nights at the newly refurbished 5* spectacular that is the Excelsior Hotel Gallia during Milan Fashion Week  and in it's sheer grandiosity it meant; everyone who was anyone stayed here. Pamela Anderson, to Gigi and Bella Hadid- who we spotted on the first day of our arrival mind you. Star spotting aside though, it was an experience I won't forget in a hurry. We were skilfully ushered to our plush rooms, given the world tour - which did not disappoint, and welcomed by the great Milanese skyline. If you're planning a luxury break in the heart of the city then this is you. Let someone else take care if your wishes. Your're only occupying breathing space with megastars and supermodels from all over the world so... 


I'm so lucky to do what I do and rarely get these wonderful experiences so, I was in awe of virtually everything. Mainly the hotel food, but everything else too. The hotel has an air of 'joie de vivre' about it. The way the decor reminds me of art deco Gatsby era meets the top deck of a luxury yacht in Monaco yet somehow still remains unforgivably chic. Oh and everything you could possibly imagine at the breakfast buffet...

Exquisite views from the  Terrazza Gallia  after a splendid walk around Brera.

Exquisite views from the Terrazza Gallia after a splendid walk around Brera.

Everything on the rooftop outside is an instagrammer's paradise; marble tables, trimmed greenery and black/white minimalist corners with unrivalled views of Milan Cenrale (pictured above) in the most perfect natural light, unlike inside which glowers with an almost eternal iridescent light, giving the hotel it's glossy glow. If you are interested in making a reservation click here 

I want to extend a special thanks to the Starwood Hotels Italia team for making this stay possible. #spglife #starwoodhotels @starwoodpritaly

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