48 Hours with Sir Adam

In my recent Instagram post I said that if Bryan Ferry and Steve Tyler were to make a hotel baby then the hotel Sir ADAM would be the love child. I stand by that claim. Just ponder that for a moment: one part glam rock and the other sheer rock and roll. Put these elements together and you have Sir ADAM Hotel. It's like crashing a celebrity after-party on an archipelago except you're not gate-crashing. You're very welcome. 

Sir ADAM is split into three areas: THE HUB, THE GYM  & THE STUDIOS, each laid out with sharp prescision, design and flair and offers exactly what it says on the tin. The HUB is where the like minded musically and creatively inclined can mingle and swap snapchat accounts, whilst guzzling hamburger sliders at The Butcher's Social Club. Can we talk about breakfast? Of course, brekkie exceeded my demanding London specific expectations which consist of perfectly golden runny in the middle poached eggs, almond milk lattes, press juices and endless platters of dutch pastries.

No detail has gone amiss, from the painted murals on the wall to candid shots of Pop and Rock star portraits that line the lobby. Even under the exhaustion I felt earlier, I couldn't help but notice the fresh botany and the chic interiors. I mean, the hotel had me at palm fronds and monster plants. The hotel must of known that Instagrammers and bloggers were-a-coming because the the ground floor lobby is flooded with nothing but glorious light and unparalleled views of the city. Play pool while you wait for your room to be ready, or visit the LOOKOUT on the roof of the hotel. Take a nap by the reception desk with a pile of scandinavian penny sweets, it's your prerogative. No one is there to judge, just like minded kindred spirits who used to daydream of forming a rock band living like true, real life rock idols.  (headphones by iQualTech)

The aesthetic of my room is a juxtaposition of playful and serious and all of the rooms have a single line from a famous song- but that took me until my last night to figure that one out! On my mirror were the words: "I Got You Babe" so to promptly settle into the vibe, I found myself humming that tune as I got ready for bed each night. If you're a hawk and or eagle for the finer details like me, you'll appreciate the concrete walls, leather pillows and brass fittings, giving it that familiar industrial-shoreditch-y vibe (for lack of a better description), instantly making an East Londoner like me right at home.

While my room was being prepared, I opted for some 'me' time. 'ME' time actually means find some food time' so I decided to go down to the in-house hotel restaurant known as The Butcher and ordered sweet potato fries with truffle sauce, I wish I could tell you I washed it down with a gin and tonic but I was saving myself for later and so played it safe with a glass of lime water instead and took in all the marvellous views.

(scarf by ACNE, coat HM, wallet by LOEWE)

SKINCARE edit:  SUNDAY RILEY  Good Genes,  NUORI  Supreme moisture face mask,  SUNDAY RILEY  Ceramic Slip Clay Moisturiser,  EMBRYOLISSE  cream

SKINCARE edit: SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes, NUORI Supreme moisture face mask, SUNDAY RILEY Ceramic Slip Clay Moisturiser, EMBRYOLISSE cream

What ever you do, DON'T uBer here. Yeah I mean do, if you want to, but to truly enter in style, I highly recommend jumping on the 24/7hr ferry that takes you from the main city centre to the hotel on the other side. TBH it's a cheap 2 min thrill, but we concrete city dwellers barely see any water, never mind cross it so it felt good to make this part of my commute in and out of the city.  Just don't get in the way of the cyclists. They have bikes and are not afraid to use them!

On the top of the hotel is the LOOKOUT where you can take in 360 views of Amsterdam in all it's glory and have drinks or a proper sit down dinner at the Ma'DAM restaurant which I did with Allan and Nicolee. We talked about life, work and laughed and created memories whilst the sun ran it''s course over the Dutch sky. Later that night we reconvened after an intense day of shooting in the city, dressed in our best, in the lobby for one final showdown with Amsterdam's well heeled locals. We met former Englishman Seth, who swapped country roads in England for er, country roads in Amsterdam. We danced and (tripped over) to live bands and stumbled into private party rooms filled with Marilyn Monroe lookalikes and Harajuku girls singing Karaoke- which kind of reminded me of crazy nights out at the BOX back in London. After the party came the after-party where we ended up raiding Nicolee's room for drinks and snacks and talking animatedly into the small hours.

Building of the Sir ADAM Hotel

Building of the Sir ADAM Hotel

I was truly spoiled during my stay and I have to say, that does not bode well for any other potential type of accommodation in Amsterdam because after this, I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be when I next visit the DAM.

Feel free to check back and check out what I got up to during my trip. Thinking about joining the party and want to make a booking? Click here  to book through the Design Hotels website.

All photos taken by me.

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