Back to Black

This new year I decided that I would get out and discover London more. It's my hometown but like many Londoners, I'd prefer to cosy up at home and watch some telly and sip ginger tea. It's so cold there, and it's got me wondering weather spring will even make an appearance this year. But I have to. There are so many things to see and do (and shoot) - why not? Do it for the gram! 

I always like to make sure I'm layered to the core. Sometimes, I even count the layers and ask myself if I can put another layer underneath the previous one? I think YES! I have a friend from NYC who has been living in London for 8 years and says that the cold in England is not like the cold in NYC, that this type of cold gets inside your bones...And I think it's true. There I go. Talking about the weather again! Geez A N Y W H O..I was trying to make a point about getting out more and dressing prepared for our gnarly freezing cold weather. So I was saying layers. Lots of layers and a hat. my hat of choice this season is a baseball cap. And I'll wear it until it dies. I know I won't look like Hannah McGibbon, creative director of Chloe, but I'll wear it nonetheless. These hats that once graced the heads of many rappers and street urchins, the ones who look like they belong in a Grime video and use words like 'peak' and 'hectic' somehow have managed to make their way out of the ghetto, pit stop in South Korea and on to the heads of K-Pop boy bands, waded through fashion waters curtesy of Vetements and The Native Fox and some how landed suddenly on we annoying Brutalist building loving, Tate Modern frequenting, brunch eating hipsters. How?! No idea. Just go with it. Also, if you are going to get off your ass and be a #touristinyourcity, then the best way is hands free. Cue cross-body bags. I am also a lover of cross-body bags. I'll cheat on totes and backpacks but I'll always keep coming back to a bag that goes across the body and allows me to stomp through the unforgiving city streets with a flat white coffee in one hand and a swedish cinnamon bun in the other. Kipling generously sent me their Earthbeat bag to road test over the last couple of weeks while I attempted to cause mischief around London town. I failed miserably at causing mischief, but the bag was definitely a winner. It's criminally light weight so handy when you don't want the added burden of a leather handbag. If you are crazed about functionality like I am, then eat your heart out because there are pockets and side zips everywhere! You know Kipling don't just do aesthetics. Their thing is also utility. And you gather that from all the other bags and accessories they do, not just the Earthbeat range.

If you're interested on getting your mitts on one of the Kipling Earthbeat Everyday range then click here this bag is a classic and comes in 12 different colours- maybe I'll take the plunge and go with the Woven Tobacco? hmm. Who knows! My friend Faiyaz and I went up to Covent Garden where he revealed a stunning hidden gem: a secret garden of calm in the middle of Covent Garden and guzzled down delicious hot chocolate from Godiva-also a suggestion of his and decide to shoot randomly in the middle of the street. That's the beauty of London. There's  always so many things to discover, so pack light, go hands free and get a move on.

Wearing: Coat/COS cap/TOPSHOP Men sweater/&OtherStories scarf/ACNE STUDIOS bag/KIPLING shoes/CHLOE  

photos by Faiyaz instagram: Fixated_f

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