Going at it alone.


The challenges of trying something new on your own can be daunting and well, outright scary. Others just make you feel uncomfortable. Such as shooting on your jays in your local area while people walk past in quizzical amusement. Or when your tripod is wonky and you realise either it's broken or can't actually hold your old camera and you may actually need to re invest in a new one. Or  how the wind blows virtually everything including your hair out of place, while you try to line up and get the shot whilst looking like you know what the hell you're doing and yes the camera is SUPPOSED to be slanted at an angle. Caught adjusting the IOS on a camera? Do it like you know what you're doing so you don't look foolish. Or you can look stylishly foolish, that's OK right? 

I just bought this HM coat from the trend department and I was so eager to shoot it I forgot that I might actually need to wear a coat this autumn. I just kept it aside for almost two weeks in my wardrobe staring at it from time to time and imagining myself spinning around nonchalantly like Sincerely Jules but instead looking hapless and dazed like an over fed mule. But, I felt as though I really stumbled across a gem. I mean, for the longest time it was always a hit and miss with finding the right blanket coat that was cut in a particular way, with the right fabric in the right colour...and I feel like...here it is. Maybe. It's perfectly oversized for layering, although if you commute like me you'll surely sweat your ruffled blouse off, but even more of an advantage is you may not even need to layer at all. A floaty blouse or a skin tight polo neck from Acne Studios might actually be acceptable. The price is pretty reasonable too at £100. Huzzah!

Ahh yes. You've noticed that I am wearing my house slippers - I mean my Gucci slip ons with grey socks. They're men's socks by the way. Sue me. I love the idea of pairing masculine pieces with things that are often associated with uncles and grandpas. Socks, seeing eye glasses, v neck sweaters, corduroys - OK not them. But unstylish things paired with feminine items or classics makes the the look more interesting right? Fashion doesn't have to defined as one thing - she says.  Add some socks, wear a tie, does it matter? My jeans are unwashed and ripped too. Tee hee.

I don't think I knew exactly what I hoped to achieve, with this look and with these shots but I don't think they were entirely a complete disaster. Also, photoshop helps. Loads. Here is the results, my dream coat and a wonky tripod. Flaws and all. 


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