Stepping Out to Shoot.
All photos taken by me

All photos taken by me

Ashley and I decided to meet for an impromptu shoot around the Kensington area a while back. We decided to keep it really simple and clean with London's popular houses providing the back drop. Um... we did have a few teething problems to begin with- like the weather being one of them,  constant stream of curious or non-plussed passers by, the to-ing and fro-ing and lugging of camera, clothes, props and kit but when you're a Londoner like me, you persevere. Although I have accompanied actors on shoots in the past, I have to say, being the one with the camera all afternoon was so much fun and something I hope to continue doing in the future. If you fancy a go at doing this yourself make sure you're more prepared than I was!

Plan your outfits You might be thinking what you're wearing or about to wear is OK, but when it translates to photography, a little tweak here and there like a spare change of shoes or a velvet choker, a swift change of jacket might 'lift' the look. Above all though, make sure you're comfortable. Nothing is more uncomfortable for me than looking at uncomfortable people in photos...

Check the weather! The British weather can be totally unforgiving but strangely enough, can provide the perfect lighting conditions. However, if you're trying to shoot summer outfits in gale force conditions, youuuu might want to reconsider...Checking the weather and planning what to shoot is not just smart, it's essential. 

Scout your location If you have the whole day, this can be a really, really, really fun expedition. In a car. Wearing flats. On a sunny day. BUT If you want to execute your shoots in a timely manner then it's probably best to find a location first and then stick to it's vicinity. A lot of bloggers shoot around the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea because it's the charming, polished and composed face of London- just like our shoot below- but if you know you're a Brutalist aesthete, with a soft spot for graffiti and street art, then it's probably best to scale the areas of South East London. This may help to express the mood you want your outfit to convey. Coffee shops, galleries and bars are also great places to shoot; Galleries for the light, and coffee shops and bars for the buzz, or even beyond that.

Charge your equipment I promise you're nearly there! Just be sure to make sure everything is charged before you go. Nothing and I mean nothing is worse than a flat camera battery or even a dead iPhone. Don't do a Brenda and assume you'll be alright for battery power and step out into the wilderness with nought but your phone at 36 percent. Don't. Get that camera charged! Also, using a portable charger for your iPhone is a great way to extend your time away from those pesky coffee shops looking for a plug socket. Try this brand.

Take Props Props are a great way to add a bit of story telling to your photography. The latest magazine strewn across a marble table at your favourite coffee spot. A bunch of flowers you just picked up from Columbia Flower Market. A pair of sunglasses by your Aperol Spritz. Everyone loves a bit of emotive photography because Instagram. Duh.

So there you have it. I am sure I have missed out a few bits and bobs. If you want, leave any other tips you have feel free to do so in the comments section. X

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