Down and About In East London

Like most people, I prefer to frequent the same places over and over again but it's even more joyous when you discover somewhere new for brunch/jeans/skincare/drinks. Cue the East London Juice Co. Slap bang on the Bethnal Green Road inside the famous and increasingly touristy Box Park. It's a bight and airy little nook crammed with all the health and wellness juices and shots any health nut can dream of. They also serve acai and elixir bowls from their tiny kitchen. After a long run, I chose to chow down on their Uplifting Banana Waffles and a delicious Indian inspired Chai. Box Park is a great place to fuel up and wander around.

UPDATE: East London Juice Company have since moved to the ACE HOTEL in Shoreditch

The rest of East London has so much more hiding under it's hipster skirts but here are some of the gems, old and new I thought I would piece together for you to find:

1. good wood- At the Good Wood store on Curtain road, expect to fall down the rabbit hole of Scandi interior heaven. Expect to be trapped between it's cool medley of chic sunglasses and jewellery like Tom Wood and strong selection of botanical skincare like Aesop.

2. Kit & Ace- On the infamous Redchurch Street, you can find cool casual wear, coffee and great marble tops to drink it from.

3. Getting lost somewhere between Clerkenwell and Holborn

4. Sampling the most requested dish at Creperie du Monde on Chatsworth Road in Clapton Pond

5. Graffiti is everywhere and totally legal in Shoreditch. The borough hires local artists to contribute to the scene.

6. Drinking copious amounts of coffee, this particular spot is called Tina, We Salute You in the East Village, Stratford. This place opened after the success of it's first location in Dalston.

7 & 8. Talking a casual weekend stroll around Bank and St. Pauls. Travel tip: St. Pauls Cathedral is a dream to photograph on the weekends including the surrounding areas such as Fleet Street and Leaden Hall Market.

9. Sundays are perfect for a stroll through Victoria Park and if you go deep enough, you'll find the Pavillion Café on the corner of the Old Ford Road, quite possibly the best and most 'brunchiest' of places in Hackney. Stay tuned for a full blog post on that later.

10. You know your summers are set when La Gelatiera opens a small café right on your doorstep! They also have one in Covent Garden.

11. If you're used to walking around in cities then hit the canal by the Olympic park and walk all the way down to Hackney central, don't let the murky waters and aggressive swan deter you but if you can, I recommend you dress down and hire a bike.

12. 14. & 15. En route to Columbia Flower Market. Make sure you're camera ready, this is a photogenic area that will suit all tastes. Stay tuned for a full bloomin' post soon.

13. I stumbled across The Peanut Vendor/Coffee Project in search of a work space, Wi-Fi and a good brew. I got that and more, along with furniture, books and botanics to boot.

16. Décor at the East London Juice Co.

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