A Classic
It doesn't hurt to invest in a classic.  bag/ YSL

It doesn't hurt to invest in a classic. bag/YSL

As soon as I was old enough I used to buy luxury handbags on trend almost every season. Like many fashion-obsessed teens, I didn't care about investment- only the now. (how misguided I was back then!) I followed all the fashion trends and would pick the bag that I felt summed up the season. There were endless bags from swarovski crystal encrusted Fendi Baguettes to Dior Saddle bags in monogrammed denim. Embarrassingly, I had them all. I kind of look back and cringe at the enthusiasm I had for 'collecting' designer handbags as a teenager. Yeesh! Life takes over and you find yourself working and cultivating a specific lifestyle you want to live for the future. A nice house in a beautiful neighbourhood, a work and life balance. Active and healthy lifestyle. Maybe a family? For me, I have found that these things take precedence over material things as I get older. Nowadays, I dutifully save and research the next handbag acquisition.When the opportunity presents its self for me to treat myself to a new bag, I have to make sure I ask myself the all important questions: Will I love/use this bag in 10 years time? Will it suit my wardrobe/lifestyle? What do I need it for? Of course as a handbag lover I want ALL THE BAGS all of the time, but that is just not feasible. As a Londoner, I have to consider everyday instances like daily commuting during the brutal rush hour, or how I spend my weekends around or out of town, what type of holidays I take (city or beach breaks?) and what I carry from day to day. I used to be the queen of oversized handbags from the Balenciaga Weekender to the YSL Mombasa bag and everything in between. During my days at University I thought these bags were practical for my lifestyle as a student and graduate but now I favour cross-body bags as I find them easier to wear to navigate London with. Cue this little YSL Monogram bag I picked up last year. It comes with a gold tone chain strap which you can wear across the body and a textured leather almost similar to the caviar leather on the Chanel classic flap which makes it almost immune to scratches. I find it really useful for both days and nights out in London, despite it's size. Of course, it's not an everyday bag and at times, it means carrying a small cotton tote bag to carry the extras. But the beauty about tote bags is that when ever you feel like you don't want to draw too much attention to yourself, you can just toss your 'ittle bag into a tote bag and be on your way. So long as you have other bags to rotate with, this will fit firmly in your collection.

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