Summer Sun

This Summer I make sure I stock up on my favs however, I am still trying to figure out what works best for my skin. I have sensitive combination/oily skin with a tendency  to break out. Being of African origin, I also suffer from a little hyper pigmentation. I know a lot of dark skinned and olives skinned people have these symptoms too. At the moment I am working with these products photographed above.

1. Is Rodial's WHITE Brightening System This is a serum which works to fade dark spots and scars whilst brightening overall and giving an overall even skin tone. (I think it's discontinued now but there is a mask in it's place which I'm sure does the job which I have linked for you.) 

2. NARS Sheer Matte Oil Free foundation, I also use Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser which is magic and I'll do a post about later. This is where I have to confess. I have actually switched to their new All Day Luminous Foundation in the same colour but this pic is old! (cheeky Monkey emoji) you can find the latest version of the foundation here and here. It's a light coverage compared to foundations like MAC, which is what I prefer as I like to build the coverage as I go. Lighter foundations give more of a natural finish and still somehow allows your skin to breathe if but a little.

3. Rodial's X-Treme Dark Spot Sun Filter. I love that Rodial understand the universal needs of ALL women and pay attention to other things that may affect different skin types. This is a daily moisturiser that is oil free and works to prevent darkening of existing spots and gentle scarring. I pay particular attention to my face especially when I have had an exfoliating or acid peel treatment (more on that in another post).

4. Klair's Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum. This great little gem of a find is via Soko Glam. Soko Glam is a great stop for K beauty (Korean Beauty) and they ship to the UK. Vitamin C serums are really affective and affordable concentrated serums you can use as part of your night routine. I usually cleanse and rinse with cold water to tighten pores before I douse myself in this before bed. It's a little oily and sticky but very absorbent and hasn't caused me to break out. The fresher the product the more potent so when you buy it, crack into it straight away and be sure to use every drop. Once again it's great for fading dark marks but you have to be persistent as it's more effective on Asian skins than darker skin tones.

5. This is yet another purchase from Soko Glam it's called Son & Park's Beauty Water and its a really effective toner that removes excess dirt from the skin, balances the skin and is excellent prep before your base for make-up.

6. Last but by no means least is my favourite brand Aesop and this is the Parsley Seed Cleanser. I also flirt between this and the Amazing Face Cleanser. Parsley is a little stronger and gives a deeper cleanse- ideal if you turn into a grease ball during the summer like I do. You can get them in different sizes, I like to get the largest size, this lasts me a good 3 months so it's absolutely worth the splurge.

I am due for a beauty and skincare update to my existing routine and could do with a few organic and natural additions to my arsenal. Any suggestions?

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