Marylebone Mornings
coat/HM jeans/VINTAGE LEVIS knit/HM scarf/ ACNESTUDIOS  bag/ CELINE  trainers/ ADIDAS

coat/HM jeans/VINTAGE LEVIS knit/HM scarf/ACNESTUDIOS bag/CELINE trainers/ADIDAS

I recently popped into central London to visit a friend and explore the not so touristy neighbourhood of Marylebone. Infact, Marylebone is more a residential area and I have to admit I get some serious 'hood envy. Talk about mews on mews and townhouse porn! In Marylebone you'll never want for anything whether it be a nightcap or brunch. It's one thing when you have no business other than a dinner booked at Pachamama or heading down to see some fringe Theatre at The Cockpit, but when you go around with a local- that's fun.  You now have a legitimate reason to stalk up to the most sought after locations in London, if not the world because hey, your friend lives there. Also very handy having a local be your tour guide as you get to discover the more secluded parts of Marylebone.

We begun with a coffee at Nordic Bakery and I greedily had to try their take on the cinnamon bun. It was so intense I think I was still chewing it on it the next day. 

We had so much fun scaling townhouses and mews that we forgot that we both had to be somewhere by midday. Oops!


All photos by @qinamillion 

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