gardens in the sky

After much grappling with visiting slots, my friend Lisa and I managed to clamour our way to the top of no 20 Fenchurch Street at the tourist paradise The Sky Garden. The views are 360 and completely worth the hype. The hour window you have is really just a guide but once you're there, you can stay as long as you want and photograph any and everything like I did like a complete nutter. After a brief but uncomfortable moment in a tightly packed elevator, the doors finally open and you're ferried out into the main glass encased courtyard. Once there you will be met with an epic view of the Shard in the distance. Not too shabby. i sam there are other amazing views around London like from the Heron Tower or the rooftop bar at the Ace Hotel, but unless you want to freeze, this is probably your best bet at this time of year. All around are signs which indicate what buildings and landmarks are what which are really helpful if you're not a Londoner and maybe from a tiny village in Tumbridge Wells- or well I don't know, New York (hehe).

There are a number of coffee and bars spread out with plenty of places to hide in a corner and cry if you've been stood up on a first date. (No really) but if you're date is going well then there are sofas and side tables to put your feet up and order the latest cocktail and flirt/agrue whilst taking in the sunset- or in my case watch the sky go from blue to grey to thunder and lightening.

Lisa and I sat around talking about our futures and what steps (sacrifices) we'd have to make in order to reach our goals (minimal city living requirements) and our endless wish list of fancy clothing we'd like to wear during the winter. We wandered up to the Darwin Brasserie because I absolutely insisted I must chomp on eggs whilst absorbing London's skyline. Fail. We needed to have booked the casual dining spot first in order to  take in this spectacle, no matter, we ordered green juices, coffee and hazelnut cake and took one of the sofas instead. All in all, a splendid (and cheap) way to avoid doing anything productive at all. x

Photos of me taken by Lisa M.

Actress and Photographer/Blogger