rich pickings for winter

Pinch punch first of the month! It's time to wrap up warm in your winter favourites. It's also time to keep the skin hydrated and insulated from the harsh winter months. Lat month I invested (rather heavily) into botanical/natural skincare. I'm not a skincare pro but over the years I've definitely figured out that my skin fares better with good quality products. And of course by good quality that does mean rather expensive. Not by choice of course but my skin carries a multitude of concerns.

Firstly, I have hyper sensitive skin. And I mean HYPER. I was referred to a dermatologist who did the 'spatula test' on my back. The pain was excruciating and I wondered what he was doing back there. It turned out he just used the flat side of the knife and rubbed it across my back!! I suffer from allergic reactions to waxing and threading too and have to take anti-histamines to keep my skin at bay.

Then I have oily/combination skin. I am an oil slick during the summer months and everything that I slop on the ol' visage is 'oil free' but even that doesn't always work. Even during the winter months if I get hot and bothered it starts to show. All that excess oil is great for looking youthful but crappy if you break out a lot like I do.

The main concern I have is hyper-pigmentation. Even though I have been careful and almost always wear sunscreen, in my late teens and early 20s I used to go running outside almost everyday when I was obsessed with that runners high. It used to melt the sunscreen off and my skin would be exposed to UV rays no matter how much I slathered on. 

Also, I'm a snob...Just kidding! 

My body on the other hand is literally the complete opposite from my face and d├ęcolletage. I get so dry that it's hard to keep my body and lips moisturised. If the moisturiser is too rich, I start to break out. If it's too light, my skin becomes dry and itchy. This is why I think natural skincare and natural substances work better for me. I have been using two products (pictured) from a new and sophisticated Danish brand called NUORI. Erm, Right off the bat what attracted me to the brand was definitely the packaging. Minimal and clean. That of for me is a sign that more is spent on the quality of the contents rather than the packaging. I have been dutifully using the Vital Body Balm EVERYDAY blended with cold pressed coconut oil that I bought from Planet Organic and I am liking how I'm feeling. This kind of combo is a dream and adds extra moisture to really dry rough areas and for me that's elbows and knees. 

Then there is the Supreme Moisture Mask. I think this product is heaven sent and might even become one of those cult beauty buys. I was worried that the extra hydration would make me break out but it didn't. It left my skin so soft, it might rival a babies bottom.  The way in which this product is sweeping social media, I predict that this is the brand to watch in 2017. Not that it needs beauty bloggers or influencers to push their products, it's already stocked at the oh so chic Content Beauty store in Marylebone and online at Need Supply. My next purchase will definitely be the vitamin c serum and the lip treat. I've also recently invested in some  other fabulous cult beauty buys and cannot wait to post my entire routine. As beauty product turn more and more to active ingredients, NUORI make it clear how effective the product will be by putting 'use by' dates on their items. Mine are due to expire in January, this doesn't mean that they'll stop working, it just means the potency of the product starts to weaken. I love this level of transparency. Gone are the days when you wonder if a random face cream you invested is still working at those fine lines right? I guess this is my cue to go, I've calculated that I only have about 2 months left on this gains...  A moisture mask won't hydrate itself you know!

Photos by me.

Photos by me.

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